Berlin - September 5, 2014 - Sisvel Technology, the R&D subsidiary of the Sisvel Group, will be exhibiting in Hall 2.2, booth 104 at IFA, Europe's largest consumer electronics trade fair.

At the Sisvel Technology booth the various projects the company is undertaking, as well as those in collaboration with its international partners, will be presented. The exhibition area is focused on demonstrating technologies for a superior 3D experience (3DZ Tile Format and 3D Tile Format) and offering know-how to support a wider adoption of 3D on all distribution platforms.


3DZ Tile is a technology that enhances the experience of autostereoscopic viewing. The 3DZ Tile Format has been designed to facilitate autostereoscopic video processing and strengthen the accuracy of glasses-free TV sets and tablets. The 3DZ Tile is the only frame packing format capable of carrying stereoscopic information (Left and Right frame) as well as the disparity (Depth) data, all on the same stream. In addition, by providing backward compatibility with 2D High Definition TV sets, 3D Tile offers significant advantages to broadcasters in the use of a single bandwidth-efficient stream for 2D and 3D services. By combining this technology with the Ultra-High resolution displays (4K panels now available on the market), the 3D glasses-free experience improves dramatically.


At Sisvel Technology's booth visitors will enjoy a vivid demonstration of Trummy, the innovative service developed by Dimenco. Trummy offers consumers an easy way to transform their 2D pictures into a stunning 3D experience viewable on any 3D device, with or without glasses.

Attendees will be given the chance to create an account, upload a 2D picture and receive a converted 3D picture. This 3D picture is handcrafted by a graphical artist working with patented 3D software. This will be supported by a No-glasses 3D display that plays examples of such converted pictures and an animated tutorial, introducing Trummy.

Trummy believes that experiencing your personal pictures in 3D will bring your family, friends and special moments closer than ever before.

Sisvel Technology and its international partnerships

In a dedicated area, the whole partnership network of Sisvel Technology will be introduced by a company presentation highlighting areas of R&D activities and related industrial collaborations.

Sisvel Technology looks forward to welcoming visitors to its booth and offering them vivid demonstrations of the innovative 3DZ Tile Format (in particular glasses-free 3D experience) and examples of its collaborations with international partners.



About Sisvel Technology

Sisvel Technology is dedicated to research, development, and technical consultancy in the media technology industries. The company collaborates with public and private organizations to implement R&D programs, and to produce innovative technical solutions leading to commercially valuable technologies (



Sisvel Technology contacts:

Veronica Pugi
PR and Media and Media Relations
Phone: +39 011 9904114
Giulia Dini
PR and Media and Media Relations
Phone: +39 011 9904114



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